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“The top brand I chose turned out to be inconceivably weak. If I had simply dissolved some in water and tasted it I would have known. I’ve been prescribing that stuff for many years and I am not happy about my carelessness…”

Sentiment: Placebo is a very powerful medicine. But imagine if easy to use herbal prescriptions were highly potent (in reality).


Traditional vs. Conventional

Let’s start with a conventional process that should be eliminated: “SPRAY-DRYING” a tea. It’s the biggest insult to an herb’s potency. Think about it; if the idea was to remove the aromatic quality from an herb as if there were no use for it, spray drying is the perfect way to accomplish that.

Furthermore, conventional spray-drying saturates the powder with atmospheric oxygen speeding up the staling process. In TCM, the taste, the color, and the fragrance are tangible characteristics clearly stating the healing power behind the herb. But there’s little healing power behind herbal products that have a stale taste, stale color, and stale fragrance. The concern is not whether or not conventional spray-drying accelerates staling, but how much.

Behind the flavor is the power. To a gourmet chef and his/her patrons, a vegetable soup made from concentrated vegetable extract pills would be wholly unacceptable. So why would a TCM Practitioner expect to achieve better results from concentrated herbal extract pills?

Later, we’ll demonstrate how you can distinguish between a useful and a useless product in just 5 minutes and without a laboratory. -Even for TCM practitioners who do not recall the reason a certain flavor is helpful in a particular formula, or the specifics regarding the relationship of taste to function in traditional Chinese medicine, or do not remember what certain herbs are supposed to taste like.

So simple but so important for a TCM practice. Seriously, we all need to know this . . . . . . . Click on Essentials of Herb Prescribing