Why they’re special:

Cooked, not soaked. Fresh, not stale.

A taste that confirms high potency.

Now is the time to begin restocking with herbal extract concentrates that are not going rancid*

*Because they are not dried, our alternatively made liquid tea concentrates are 100% potent when you need them; not degrading daily. They are protected with 20% alcohol. Today, stale TCM is our profession’s most important and most overlooked quality issue.

A tradition worth following:                                                                Though far more effort, our herbs are cooked to highly concentrated teas; not soaked to create tinctures. Sometimes the heat is high, sometimes low, depending: concentrates are not simple to make.

30+ yrs. 1 gallon at a time. Ongoing improvement:                               30 years ago under a different name, a group of practitioners sharing a different perspective came together. Supported by unconventional thinking techniques, we pioneered radical changes to entrenched extraction/concentration methods. Rather than focusing on mass-production volume and marketing flair, we focused entirely on ways to produce a better concentrate; closer in capability to the prescriptions out of a raw herb pharmacy. We recognized that when  a raw herb pharmacy was not feasible, practitioners had only bleak alternatives. As a private, innovative laboratory/pharmacy, we worked smart and made tangible progress. -Accepting, “as good as it gets”, was not an option.

Knowing herbs like the back of one’s hand does not amount to a hill of beans if the prescriptions are weak.

Always lateral thinking:                                                                    Today, by remaining a small, precision operation, we can quickly implement new strategies to further elevate potency levels; one gallon at a time. Improvements are dynamic and ongoing. Good things happen when the preparation is done by hand with skill and foresight. Passion over routine. No industrialized shortcuts. This is why after 30 years, we still love our work.

  •  We stock 290 Formulas and 314 Single Herbs
  • Custom formulas at no extra charge
  • Trade in a dried pharmacy for high potency liquids
  • Strong medicine for a fair price
  • We can add our premium CBD to any formula
  • We offer empty bottles for your dispensing needs
  • We make your custom designs in 8, 16, 32, 128oz.
  • -And in 4oz. with minimum 32oz. ordered
  • We bottle and label with your name

  It takes years to earn a license

. . . but it doesn’t take long for weak prescriptions to sink a practice. A really, really good acupuncturist may get by prescribing weak herbal medicine. That’s potential wasted. 

Behind the flavor is the power

A strong flavor is a reliable indicator of high capability.  -As opposed to the weak flavor of low capability. Learn to tell a strong brand from a weak brand at the Vital Signs page. Not personally doing taste-taste comparisons is not doing everything possible to ensure a successful practice.