One simple way to improve patient satisfaction:

Prescribe better herbal medicine.

– 604 Formulas/Single Herbs –

And Custom Formulas Infinitum


Decisively closer in capability to the prescriptions out of a raw herb pharmacy.
And quite tolerable in a mango juice shot.

Why they’re special:

Cooked, not soaked. Fresh, not stale.

A taste that confirms high potency.

Our Trade In-Program

Exchange a powder/granule herbal extract pharmacy for our perpetually fresh and highly potent tea concentrates. Why would a clinician want to do this? Because stale concentrates are not potent. How would a clinician know stale from potent? See: The Problem, the Cause, the Solution, on our home page near the bottom.

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Handmade because higher potency is the goal: We see no other choice.

The method involves a unique style of cooking and concentrating – and never drying the tea. Absolutely not tinctures. Conventional methods involve drying a tea to a powder or granule. But drying induces rapid and ongoing deterioration – which is our profession’s most important and most overlooked quality issue. The two production methods are as dissimilar as the resulting products are different. Tasting each in comparison reveals where the potency is. We protect the tea concentrates with 20% alcohol so they’re 100% potent when they’re needed. Every time. All the time.



There are many herbal preparation techniques mentioned in ancient texts. But like today, ancient people competed for status, business was business, and short cuts and compromises were necessary to allow the workers to conveniently carry herbs (pills) while working nonstop in the fields. We are not interested in replicating short cuts or compromises. Did the Emperor take herbal prescriptions in the pill and powder form? …In reality, no.


             ABOUT JR13 TCM
30+ years experience. One gallon at a time. Ongoing improvement.

In 1987, a group of clinicians with backgrounds in science and engineering came together. We recognized that when a raw herb pharmacy was not accessible, practitioners had only bleak alternatives. “As good as it gets” was not good enough. Supported by unconventional inclinations, we pioneered radical changes to entrenched extraction/concentration methods. Rather than pursuing mass-production volume and marketing flair, we focused entirely on ways to produce a better concentrate for our patients; closer in capability to the prescriptions out of a raw herb pharmacy. As a private, innovative laboratory/pharmacy, we worked smart and made tangible progress. We measure success not by how many units we sell, but by how many lives we improve.

Trade in a dried herbal extract pharmacy for fresh, high potency liquids.

Year after year, apathy fills warehouses with
the same old mass manufactured herbal extracts.
. . . W E   A R E   D I F F E R E N T

Progress does not occur without change. Here, it’s done by hand with skill and foresight. We remain a small, precision operation that can quickly implement new strategies to further elevate potency levels; one gallon at a time. Improvements are dynamic and ongoing. Passion over routine. No details insignificant. No industrialized shortcuts. This is why after 30 years, we still love our work.

290 Formulas / 314 Singles

– Potent, no compromise TCM
– Custom formulas at no extra charge
– Trade in a dried or tincture pharmacy
– Strong medicine for a fair price
– Our *CBD added to any formula
– Empty bottles for your dispensary
– Your info printed on label


It takes years to earn a license. But it doesn’t take long for deficient herbal medicine to sink a practice. A really good TCM clinician may get by regardless, aided by the placebo effect of simply taking a pill. But when the belief in the medicine combines with medicine that is actually powerful, patient satisfaction improves significantly.


A strong flavor is a reliable indicator of high capability, as opposed to the weak flavor of low capability. Learn to tell a strong brand from a weak brand at the VITAL SIGNS page. Not personally doing taste-taste comparisons is not doing everything possible to ensure a successful practice.

Let’s say, a new patient arrives and mentions a TCM formula taken without results. Wrong formula? It’s more likely that the medicine was weak; an all too common problem for unaware clinicians. We should never assume that a new patient had ever taken a potent TCM formula before. We clinicians strongly want to believe that we chose an herbal extract brand that is highly effective. When we become hands-on involved (see VITAL SIGNS page), it adds a higher level of confidence that we did.


Organic . 1000mg . Full Spectrum

Sold only to medical professionals.
Not sold in stores or over the internet.

For just the cost of the CBD oil, we can add it to a TCM classic or custom formula.

30 dropperfuls
33mg CBD each dropperful
1mg CBD in each drop
Organic MCT carrier