cc13 (Cherry Cocktail)

  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Keeps qi moving.
  • Builds rich blood to house the shen and nourish the mind.
  • Helps reduce clinician burnout.


Keeps practitioners sharp …….. One or 2 teaspoonful daily. Delicious.

8oz. 48 daily teaspoonfuls

The marvel of ancient creativity

Ancient people relentlessly experimented with the preparation of herbs for food and medicine. There were powerful results from peculiar herbal preparation methods during thousands of years of innovation. 1,800 years ago, herbal tonics were incredibly potent.


Today, herbal tonics are mass-produced in factories where extract concentrates are dried and made into convenient pills and powders. Food similarly prepared would be stale and lifeless at dinnertime. So too, once powerful herbs become stale and lifeless.

cc13: the taste of ancient creativity.

Originally formulated by master herbalists at the top of their game, we call our re-creation cc13. cc13 is different. It’s handcrafted using the methods of generations past. No industrialized shortcuts. The flavor is extraordinarily rich and diverse, which is a palpable measure of cc13’s high potency.


cc13 helps to maintain proper energy levels, improve the ability to regenerate nourishing blood, and regulate the organs. This group of very potent herbs can counter the depleting results of an overly stressful lifestyle. While cc13 is especially helpful for athletes or others with unusually high mental and physical demands, this formula is suited for almost anyone.


Japanese Cornelian Cherry (Shan Zhu Yu)

“Tonifying Yang but stirring up no fire, nourishing Yin but causing no stagnation to the spleen-stomach, promoting astringency but letting no pathogen stay”.

13 Herbs:

Cornus fruit/shan zhu yu
Schisandra fruit/wu wei zi
Ligustrum fruit/nu zhen zi
Longan fruit/long yan rou
Lycii fruit/gou qi zi
Cratagus fruit/shan zha
Mori Alba fruit/sang shen
Ganoderma mushroom/ling zhi
Cardamon fruit/sha ren
Date fruit/da zao
Citrus fruit peel/chen pi
Cinnamon bark/rou gui
Honey-bake Licorice/mi zhi gan cao