How to make an intelligent choice . . .

It’s the most important thing they didn’t teach us at university.

Only one brand of herbal extracts can be best.

Prescribing that brand makes really good business sense.

Are you prescribing that brand? Even close? Would you like to be sure? As clinicians whose top priority is the best care for our patients, we need to know more about the herbs we are prescribing than what we read in a company ad. Consider that there are about 40 different brands in the marketplace; What’s striking is the dramatic variation in their respective potency levels. It’s clearly evident even among popular brands. In view of this, a clinician who does not perform simple, 5-minute, comparative testing (we’ll show you how), is guessing, and has only a 1 in 40 chance of choosing the best TCM for a practice . . . What patient would approve of those odds?

An ad, an endorsement, a recommendation; it’s the beginning of a search and not the end. As clinicians, choosing the right brand of herbal concentrates is one of the most important choices we will ever make. Comparative testing is essential to make sure we’re not placing our trust in a brand that has adopted the mere appearance of potent TCM, but is in most cases bound to fail. Learn comparative testing here: (Vital Signs)

I had been prescribing the same popular brand of extracts for years and I figured that since the brand was highly advertised and such, I was ok. But I needed to do better. So, I took some advice and did an experiment: first, I dissolved a dose of those concentrated pills in a teaspoon of water. I placed it in my mouth and focused for a moment on the experience: an indistinct dull flavor deep below; that’s it. Since the formula only had 4 herbs; I felt that I should have been able to taste something more familiar and much stronger. Then I compared its taste to the taste of another brand. The other brand had an actual herbal taste. It was clearly stronger. I had to wonder if for years, for all intents and purposes, I had been prescribing little more than placebo medicine. Excited at the potential, over time, I compared my newer more potent brand to many other brands and found one even stronger. I began to contact some of my past patients who had difficult issues and tell them the good news – that I think I’ve found something that will help them.

-O.M.D. and one of this company’s seven founders.